New Project – custom doll

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For the last two weeks I have been slowly working on a custom doll. Though the first half of that was to recondition my silk clay that had gone partially hard…

First I made a wig with brushed out yarn. The hairband is T-Shirt fabric wrapped around a wire and painted black(er).

White yarn wig with a black hairband on an unpainted doll head

Then I made over-knee boots, which took a lot of adjustments to look right. Also black T-Shirt fabric over cardboard soles, both then painted black. The top is laced with black string. I still need to do the heels (probably silk clay).

Two over-knee boots, missing their heels

The character is 2b from the game “Nier: Automata”.

Finished the boots with heels (toothpicks and air dry silk clay).