A comic strip/update

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Content Warning for depression and suicide.   Also, ranting.

I have been out of work and on benefits for over a year now. The benefits are the lowest possible in Germany, colloquially called “Hartz IV” after the politician that came up with it at first, fourth draft. They aren’t stellar, the amount is barely enough in most circumstances. Yet me and my husband have managed Ok with them. Until they start deducting for receiving a tax return…

The monthly is definitely not enough if there are non-regular-bill expenses, like car repairs, house and heating maintenance etc.

Then there’s the pressure from the Jobcenter to find employment, any employment. Even if it’s below the existential minimum.

I might go more into detail at some later date.


Either way, to combat jobless statistics, they like to send people on “measurements”. I got one called “jobapplication coaching”. I have been on a shorter version of this before, and I knew the guy running it already. He started his own company offering this service and has hired someone to help him out. I am assigned to this person. Due to bad experiences, I have made up some standards for jobs I would accept, like proper payment. I am, after all, a professional with experience and skill.

Come the second session, and this comic I drew after I got home and recovered a little.

So, obviously, I didn’t drive myself off a bridge into a river. But I sure felt like it.

No idea where the “if you have a job, you can get a better job!” crap comes from, but I’m not buying it. Same for “working your way up”. That’s what uni was for! I’m supposed to be “up”!

Anyway, the woman who is coaching me thinks what I’m asking is the same as commercial airline pilots’ salary. It’s not. Indeed, I looked up median salaries (for my kinds of jobs) in Bavaria and go by that. Feck knows.


I don’t know where I’m going with this now. Maybe that I’d rather just draw stuff and play games, thanks.


So those two times a week appointments have wrecked my schedule/me. I’m currently doing an ink drawing a day for something called Inktober. I will make a separate post for those. The No Man’s Sky posts will get done on an irregular basis.


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