A call from unknown (No Man’s Sky part 3)

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[ This is a blog series about the game No Man’s Sky: NEXT where I summarise my playthrough in a fictional story. Not everything I get up to, like collecting resources, is included, as that would be boring. Spoiler warning. ]


In an effort to gather more data for Polo and Nada, I explore the planets of this system. This old structure contains information about some historical data.


In the vicinity of the ruins with the data I find some chest with ancient keys in them. Together they unlock a large chest in the center of the area.


It contained some packaged up mold, supposedly over 400 years old. I store it safely away, Maybe it’ll reveal more information some time later.

I continue to study wildlife, as well as talking to any higher lifeform I meet, which are mostly Korvax in this system.

Having gathered a lot of data, I head back up into the anomaly for a chat with Nada and Polo.

-{{ Traveller hopes to make progress. Traveller tests themselves. Nada will help. An exchange. Progress for progress. }}-

I happily share my discoveries with Nada, who provides another blueprint.

-{{ It is as you said, Nada! As you said! }}-

-{{ We are pleased, delighted, renewed, to see you return, stranger. }}-

-{{ And the others out there? Did you meet all sorts? Prospector, Ensign, Analyst – a boundless universe to befriend? }}-

I show Polo my collection of alien faces, and they pore over the data, muttering bitterly at variations they are already familiar with, cheering at those they are not. Finally they applaud wildly and offer new technology. They say we are now bonded in ‘glorious friendship’. With a chuckle, I request something for my ship.

-{{ Go further, go faster, see it all! }}-

I make sure Polo and Nada know I’m thankful for their help and set out to find more data for them, and answers for myself.


I also find this odd structure, built in a different style from anything else. I climb to the top.

There is a terminal there, in front of a big round platform. It tells me there are no incoming calls registered with the holo terminal. Then it barks something I don’t understand: ‘Ishlif! Vahi kud ledkorjat ily aksid hullk! Oaja fani mavias ach thanatu iho eyoarvon! Acer lkumyn kiyrs yubar ocesi fajor.‘ I leave it behind.

Gathering more data and impressions from the different planets.


At a manufacturing facility I prod the reinforced, locked door a bit, then shoot it with my boltcaster extension on my multitool. The sentinel are going nuts! A huge bipedal one shows up and scares the beejeezus out of me! I run as fast as I can and take off in my ship. After a long while, the alarms in my systems quiet down and let me know that the sentinels stopped looking for me.

When I reach space, my comms light up with the words ‘COMMS OVERRIDE 16 / 16 / 16 / 16’ on the ships screen.

You are not – kzzktt  alone –

Please, identify yourself. I’m – kzzkttk –

The static makes it impossible to hear their name. Nonetheless, I say mine.

You lleft me – kkzzktt – Why did you – kzzttkk –

I respond that I don’t understand what they mean.

Of course you’d say that, of course you’d – kkkttkzzz – just like the others – kzzttkk –

I feel a little bit unjustly accused. I ask for them to repeat their name, but there is no reply. The communicator falls silent, though the channel is still open. Vexed by this, I turn towards the anomaly again. I want to talk to some friendly people, see some familiar faces.

Nada is inquisitive as ever.

-{{ Is it Traveller? Is it first or last? Pleasure regardless! }}-

-{{ I am Priest Entity Nada, divergent Korvax. But entities must keep secrets, yes? }}-

I tell Nada I was pretty sure I met them before. This entire station sings with a strange and unnerving frequency. Nada tells me that we stand in the place between worlds, in the heart of the anomaly. They can guide me towards the will of the Atlas. They offer to show me the way to the galactic core. Or, if I should so wish, they can provide resources for my journey. The choice is mine, they tell me cryptically.

I say I’m curious about the Atlas, as the monoliths I encountered seem to tell of the worship of it by all the higher lifeforms in this galaxy. Nada marks the location of an Atlas interface. They hope I find what I am searching for…

-{{ Traveller hopes to make progress. Traveller tests themselves. Nada will help. An exchange. Progress for progress. }}-

Again, I share my data. I am a little disturbed that they repeat the same sentence as before.

-{{ You have seen much. But do you understand? Not for Nada to know. Please, take this. }}-

I receive another blueprint and say my thanks. I walk over to Polo, half expecting them to also act as if this was the first time we met.

-{{ How was your trip, friend? }}-

With enormous relief I tell Polo a tale of wonder and discovery. They are very happy indeed.

-{{ Remember these sights, friend. Hold on to them as tightly as you hold on to your own life, as tightly as you hold a dear friend! }}-

-{{ Please, I have made you this new tool to help make new memories! }}-

He hands me a blueprint for my multitool, before returning to his datapad.

-{{ Now, friend, I have finished with the data you gathered on our alien friends. Perhaps you might help me with some new work? }}-

-{{ Talk, read! Study monoliths, if you can find them! Give yourself a strong brain to match those strong legs! To explore is to discover yourself, friend! }}-

Polo bobs up and down happily, convinced that I am a kindred spirit in an odyssey of exploration and invention. They tell me their story. Polo was once a specialist in inter-species trade and communication. They learned to speak many languages, their mind changing as they did. Once they cared only for trade, now they wanted something more. Everything changed when they met Nada…

They wonder if learning alien languages will affect me in the same way. They wish to broaden my horizons and explore the limits of my understanding. As it happens, I have found many of those knowledge stones that instantly teach you a word, and some of the aliens were kind enough to teach me as well, for a small fee.

-{{ Friend! Does your lexicon overflow? How has the chatter between beings evolved these past Sols? }}-

I transmit my log of language progress to Polo. It isn’t enough to understand anyone fully yet, though.

The Gek runs an instrument over my head, their hands trembling with excitement.. Polo then turns to fiddle with their arcane machinery, offering me another choice of technology. I profess my preference for ship technology.

-{{ Go further, go faster, see it all! }}-

They become thoughtful for a moment. Leaning in they say

-{{ The Anomaly sometimes teaches me things, friend. And I shall teach them to you. }}-

I get given a special blueprint, an Atlas Pass V1. It will grant access to certain storage containers that can be found out and about.